We love children! 
Childcare and Learning Center
562 West Penn Pike
Tamaqua, PA  18252
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Like a  home away from home for your children.

We provide an environment conducive to discovering joy in learning and developing a positive self-image for every child.  Our program is designed to provide a wide range of enriching and recreational activities in an affordable, nurturing, safe and supportive environment.
We believe that the development of self-esteem, self-confidence, respect for others, cooperation and decision making skills are essential to each child's future learning abilities, independence, social awareness and interactions!
Limited Space

Monday-Friday            5:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m.

  1. Childcare and Learning Center
    Childcare and Learning Center
    COPE Childcare and Learning Center is committed to ensuring a warm, loving, nurturing environment that meets children's social, emotional, intellectual, physical and developmental needs.
  2. Parent/Teacher
    It is our belief that children thrive when parents and staff work together to provide a safe, nurturing and self-paced purposeful education. Encouraging children to learn through play and exploration
  3. Development
    Our developmentally appropriate program specializes in creative open-ended activities and hands-on experiences which stimulate a child's curiosity.
We Love Kids!
Treating children like family!
  1. Children
    Our goal is for every child to meet their developmental needs through play and stimulating learning experiences. Provide each child with love, respect, safety and to encourage physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth.
  2. Parent
    Our goal is to partner with parents to reach every child's full potential.
  3. Childcare and Learning
    Our goal is to provide quality developmentally appropriate care and learning experiences for children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.